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Are you feeling that your employees are losing interest in their work?  If you want to retain the best talent and re-engage your staff you are one if the many employers who are moving employee engagement to the top of their priority list.

Studies show that 26% of employees are actively disengaged, 29% are engaged and a whooping 45% are NOT engaged.  Below are a few tips to help turn those numbers around.

  • Employee feedback is a big one….maybe even bigger than compensation!  Work to find a feedback system that works, try sending out an employee survey that can be completed anonymously making employees comfortable with giving honest feedback.
  • It is also important to keep open and consistent lines of communication with employees.  Check in with employees regularly, one-on-one time is very much wanted and needed.
  • Give “Insider” information, people like and want to be in the know!
  • Fair and competitive pay.
  • Promote perks such as giving the ability to work out an unconventional schedule, break area stocked with healthy snacks, even something outside of the box such as a yearly wellness day which includes a free 15 minute massage for everyone.
  • Lastly, celebrate your team! Praise and encourage your employees, celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, professional holidays such as Administrative Professional’s Day and while you’re at it….celebrate your team just because!!
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