QuickNote on OneNote

 In Microsoft

Have you ever needed to make a note of something quickly before it slips your mind, but you have nothing to write it down on at the time? You might also be the person who makes a note on your phone and forgets about it for months at a time. If you use OneNote on your phone and make a Quick Note, it will automatically sync to your OneNote on your computer as well, making it easy to access notes at a later time when it’s more convenient for you.

The Quick Note feature on OneNote works like how sticky notes work. You can just down a “quick note” whenever you think of something you need to make note of. If you suddenly think of the perfect way to present your new product to your client, make a Quick Note of it. Your note can then be pulled up later on a different device and worked on. Make sure you’re signed on with your Microsoft account, this allows the files to sync from one device to another.

Quick notes are the equivalent of a sticky note on your desk. Quick note is more convenient in that you don’t have to worry about having a pen and paper on hand. In a time where everything being digital and easy to access is on the rise, it only makes sense to move from paper sticky notes to an alternative that is convenient and easy to use.

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