Using OneNote’s Notebooks

 In Teams

Do you ever just sit at your desk and rifle through sticky notes, wondering where that fax number is or what time the meeting on Friday was supposed to be? If you have Microsoft OneNote, you no longer have to rifle through sticky notes and papers looking for information; you can have everything you need right in front of you in one place on any device.

OneNote allows you have to many “notebooks” for different topics, very similar to how you would have multiple physical notebooks for different things. Then inside of each notebook you can make tabs to even further organize your work. You can be as specific or vague as you want within the specific tabs. You can also sync your OneNote to multiple devices, allowing you access to your notebooks on whatever device you need it on.

We all have our moments of disorganization, OneNote is simply a step in the direction of convenience and organization. A good rule of thumb for using OneNote is, if it’s something you can put in a paper notebook or on a sticky note; you can put it in a OneNote notebook. In a world where so much of our work can now be done online, it only makes sense to move your sticky notes and notebooks to a virtual scale.

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