How to add a Text Box to a PDF file

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In between the bustle and hustle of the office sometimes there is an email in your inbox with a PDF file that “ NEEDS TO BE SIGNED AND RETURNED ASAP!” Being a millennial, I’m into all things green : Kale, matcha, and not printing pages out just to scan them back. I encountered a problem with the latter the other day.

My boss had asked me to fill out an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) form from the U.S Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) Office of Inspector General (OIG). One of the main requisites before we could take on any call or claims, was to have all the staff fill out this form and send it back to the SEC OIG office for their records. When I opened the email containing the form I saw that the  PDF file attached DID NOT have any spaces to fill  out.

Being the carbon footprint conscious company that we are at TMG, we did not want to print, sign, and then scan the document. So, what was the alternative? Editing the PDF itself!

How to Add a Text Box to a PDF file

  1. Open the PDF file and go to the Menu Bar and press on Edit
  2. Scroll down to where is says “Edit Text & Images” and click

NOTE: Redaction has been included to comply with company privacy requirements

  • Once you click, the is another bar under Menu bar, the Edit PDF bar. You will see “Add Text” and once you click there you can select the space where you want to add the text bar. The text box will be color blue until you are ready to type information into it. On the right you can see all the customizations available like font size and alignment
  • Once you have selected all the customizations and typed everything in, click enter and that’s it!
  • Save your PDF file and send away feeling good about saving some trees, you citizen of the world!

Things like this may be very simple to learn, but yet so helpful to know! Hopefully this small trick helps you when companies don’t include fill in sections in the PDFs and you don’t have a printer/scanner available!

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