Why small businesses should use the Cloud

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Have you ever opened “Documents” in your computer to see thousands of files? Thousands of files that take up storage in your drive? Before you start deleting those precious pictures of you and grandma in ugly Christmas sweaters, check out Cloud hosting/services. “The Cloud” is hosting service where you can save all your documents, access them anywhere at real time speed, and have regular security data backups.

The reasons you should move to the cloud:

It’s the way of the future:

Now that cloud based applications and services are in existence, there’s no going back! This market is supposed to grow exponentially to reach a worth of about $500 billion by 2020.Its success is due to all the features it provides its users.


With the real threat of online crime, the cloud has lessened those fears. The cloud monitors for possible threats and mitigates on instant. Since it provides minimal human interaction, it reduces chances of “in house threats” such as spies (they don’t look like James Bond, but they are REAL!)

No new software:

Some companies are hesitant to use new programs. Why fix something that ain’t broke? Why purchase a new program when we use works just fine? A small benefit of using clouds is that you don’t need to install new software to use it. Once you have acquired a cloud service, you can save directly to it from programs like Word, excel, and/or Power Point.


Accessing files has never been easier. Proprietary information used to be saved in in house servers, making it a hassle for authorized personnel to access outside of the office. When that same information is uploaded to the cloud (with specific security allowance), managers and overseers can input their credentials and access the information 24/7.

Pricing ranges and options:

For all the amenities and conveniences it brings, the prices is well worth it. As a company with business size needs, Tauran pays about $1600 for 4 servers worth of data storage. But for a singular user, you could spend about $150/year.

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